Do not use this site for Emergencies
Online Work Request Guidelines

Report emergencies (like burning smell, large water leak, electric shock or sparks) by immediately calling:

  •          The Physical Plant office @ 724.847.5500 during business hours, or

  •          The On-duty RD @ 724.622.0709 after business hours

  •          Security @ 724.846.9632 after business hours


Contact RD for problems with: (Do not use this online form)

  •          Laundry machines

  •          Computers/internet access

  •          Vacuum cleaners

  •          Toilet paper

  •          Electric breaker resetting after hours

  •          Stopped up toilets


For the following issues, visit for more information

  •          Meeting requests

  •          Grounds needs

  •          Key request


Use this form to report maintenance issues:

  •          Broken furniture

  •          Broken doors/walls

  •          Slow sink/shower drains

  •          Light bulb replacement


Typical Response Times:

  •          Routine requests - within 3 business days. 

  •          Furniture moving requests - handled within a month

  •          Painting -scheduled for upcoming breaks or summer

  •          Minor furniture repairs -as volume of work orders permit

  •          Floor repairs (non-hazardous) as volume of work orders permit and during break periods/summer


Work Order status:

  •          Students may check on the status of a work order by logging onto this website or contacting their RD

  •          Faculty/staff may check by logging onto this website or contacting Physical Plant